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Marine Offshore Man Basket is used in offshore marine activities for Crew Transfer. It is mostly preferred at offshore installations, oil rigs and gas production sites, construction or maintenance works.

What is a personnel transfer basket?

Marine Offshore Man Basket is another name for the personnel transfer basket. It is specially designed as an offshore carrier device to move crew safely from one tip to another destination. This safety personnel basket is divided into two variants to carry 4 or 8 individuals. As safety is the prior concern, the Personnel Basket is the safe choice and most preferred. It is manufactured as per international maritime safety standards and regulations such as EN.

offshore personnel basket is identified by two platform rings and a frame. This Marine Offshore Man Basket is designed for marine offshore and ship-to-ship transfer, which improves safety. The two platform rings and frames are a bottom padded ring, a top ring, and a frame made from netted ropes, metal, or both. Top ring has a lifting ring connected above it to connect the basket carrier to a crane hook system.

A personnel transfer basket is the safest and fastest cost-effective safety device for moving a large number of people. Most preferred as the primary or secondary form of transferring crew. Transfers are between two vessels, whether it is ship to ship, ship to boat, or between tanker and a ship, etc.

Moreover, this marine basket is used for carrying emergency casualties or injured crew to a helicopter or serving in medical personnel onboard.

In an emergency such as the threat of fire or explosion, crane personnel basket is very effective to relocate crew members from danger. Marine Offshore Man Basket provides safe and dry rescue so, it is most preferred at sea. Furthermore, it is very efficient at the time of bad climatic conditions, as it is more feasible than any other options to access a working area, and hence personnel transfer is the best alternative to reach.

Risk, Safety, and Transfer Procedures

Although personnel transfer basket is helpful in routine, evacuation, and marine operations. Still, there are risks and dangers associated with ship basket. While using personnel transfer baskets, one must follow all the instructions to avoid all the risks and operate smoothly.

Few risks that can happen if not operated properly:

1. Individuals may get injured by falling off from the personnel transfer basket due to an accident or unexpected jerking and swinging movements.
2. Collision of personnel transfer basket alongside the vessel itself.
3. Sudden Drop while harsh landing is dangerous.

This risk is an outcome of the following reasons:

1. Poor climatic conditions like fog, snow, rain, etc.
2. Damage or Technical failure of part of or the whole equipment.
3. Strong winds against the personnel transfer basket.
4. Due to Tides and current directions and strength moving and stationing of vessels.


Personnel basket or personnel transfer basket is designed to ensure safe and quick personnel transfer between offshore installations, drilling rigs and vessels. The basket is constructed to considerably enhance safety for personnel during transfers.

Providing safety and support at sea, Esvagt A/S developed a basket with the highest possible safety standards. The basis was a rigid (non-foldable) structure made of AISI 316l stainless steel with shock absorption.

Final Words on Our Professional Personnel Transfer Basket

Safe Transfer – A Marine Offshore Man Basket or personnel transfer basket is intended to guarantee secure and fast personnel transfer between offshore, drilling rigs, and vessels. The basket enhances safety and provides for personnel through transfers at sea.

At last, it is the frequency of usage linked with handling the personnel transfer basket with care and proper storage that determines its lifespan.