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ATEX WI-FI Infrastructure

FSE SAFE provides ATEX compliant WI-FI infrastructure for safe wireless networks in hazardous areas. Our experts modify Ubiquiti access points to be explosion proof for ATEX zones 2 and 22. We offer stock Ubiquiti Access Points at fixed prices and can convert other brands upon request with a minimum order quantity. Our ATEX antennas ensure reliable coverage without loss in hazardous environments.


Products Catalog Downloads
Ex-M UAP LR Access Point
OmniX-24 G/D 8dBi Wifi Antenna
OmniX-DL24/50 G/D WiFi Antenna R1
OmniX-DL24/50 G/D WiFi Antenna R2
Armadex OmniX-4G LTE G-D 3dBi GSM Antenna
EX-MLMR400 G-D Cable
  • ATEX Wi-Fi infrastructure is essential for data collection in various industries, including Food & Beverage, Warehouses, Oil & Gas, Offshore, Pharmacy, and Chemicals. It enables (preventative) maintenance, stock management, and personnel tracking in hazardous environments.
  • ATEX conversion maintains Wi-Fi coverage without loss. The protective design, labeled NA for “non-arcing,” ensures coverage remains unaffected. Proper antenna spacing and placement are crucial for optimal coverage.
  • Our ATEX WI-FI infrastructure is certified for ATEX zones 2 and 22. All antennas and access points come with ATEX certification and marking, guaranteeing safe use in hazardous areas. Compliance with ATEX standards EN 60079-0, EN 60079-7, and EN 60079-31 ensures adherence to explosion-proof requirements.
  • Smart wireless ATEX solution for all ATEX zones: Hazardous areas in industrial plants are marked on layouts, detailed in the Explosion Safety Document. Typically, only specific parts within a room are hazardous. For distances up to 25 meters, mount an explosion-proof antenna in the hazardous area and connect it to a standard access point using coaxial cable. This cost-effective approach ensures safety and ATEX compliance.