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ATEX Digital Camera – Ex-M OZC 2

The only explosion-proof camera with 5x zoom: Get the details you need in hazardous environments (ATEX Zone 2 Gas). Built to last: Compact, shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof for any condition.

Expertly converted: Meets all ATEX regulations for complete safety (note: xenon flash disabled). Powerful LED ring light: Provides clear vision even without the flash.

Key Features
  • Unmatched Zoom for Safe Inspections:
  • Industry-leading 5x optical zoom: Capture clear, detailed images without getting close to hazards.
  • Digital zoom boosts magnification to 8.1x: Get even closer for inspections.
  • Intelligent zoom combines both for a staggering 40.5x zoom: Inspect machinery, microchips, and tight spaces from a safe distance.


  1. ATEX Zone 2 certified: This camera is explosion-proof for hazardous gas environments.
  2. Built tough: Shockproof, freezeproof, and dustproof for any condition.
  3. Steady Shots, Every Time: Movie SR+

The OZC 2 camera features advanced Movie SR+ software for rock-solid video stabilization. This means:

  • No more shaky footage: Capture smooth, professional inspections even when on the move.
  • Crystal clear details: Every piece of equipment and your surroundings stay sharp and focused.
  • Surpass smartphone limitations: This camera delivers far better video quality than any phone.
  • Pocket Powerhouse: The Ex-M OZC 2 Camera
  • Lightweight (246g) & compact: Easily carry it anywhere.
  • Rugged: Shockproof (2.1m drops), freezeproof (-10°C), waterproof (25m), and dustproof.
  • Built to handle tough environments.
  • See Clearly in the Dark: No Flash Needed (ATEX Safe)

Standard camera flashes are a no-go in hazardous zones. But the Ex-M OZC 2 tackles low-light environments with its:

  • Advanced image processing engine: Captures bright, clear images without a flash.
  • Perfect for: Tight spaces, machinery rooms, and outdoor hazardous areas.

Safety first, exceptional image quality second.

  • Built-in LED Ring Light: Illuminate Your Inspection

The Ex-M OZC 2 goes beyond software with a powerful 6 LED ring light:

  • See tiny details: Inspect small parts and damage in 3D-like clarity.
  • Adaptable illumination: Use it like a flash or adjust individual LEDs for perfect lighting.
  • Complements the advanced image processing for exceptional low-light performance.
  • Capture Every Detail: 4K Recording & Beyond

The Ex-M OZC 2 camera offers exceptional recording options:

  • Stunning 4K Resolution (30 fps): Get the highest image quality with 20 megapixels.
  • Smooth 60 fps HD Recording: Ideal for capturing fast movement with slightly less detail.
  • High-resolution sensor and processing engine: Delivers sharp, low-noise images and videos.
ATEX Camera Comparison Table


Ex-M OZC 2 (2022)

Ex-M OZC 1 (2021)

Other Brands (most recent)


20 MP

16.4 MP

5 MP

Drop Resistance




Video capture capability

4K 30FPS

4K 15 FPS


Low-light performance

Software + 6 LED Ring




5x Optical, 40.5 intelligent

5x Optical






More Ex-M OZC 2 Benefits
  • Fast File Transfer: USB-C (3.0) for quick and secure downloads.
  • Long Battery Life: Capture up to 340 images on a single charge.
  • Worksite Tough: Rugged design, secure grip, and easy-to-use buttons.
  • See More: Wide-angle lens captures expansive areas.
  • Steady Offshore Footage: Wind suppression for clear video recording.
  • Simple to Use: Intuitive interface, ready to go out of the box.

The Ex-M OZC 2: The ultimate explosion-proof camera for any hazardous environment.