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Crane Hazard Illumination and Projection

Accidents with cranes. Especially while maneuvering through tight spaces, dark store rooms or any place with high traffic are a common occurrence. Safety Cast Systems are designed to address such issues by increasing the visual warning indications that help the crane driver guide the machinery more efficiently.

These big blue crane specs are added to both walls and floors of the area in question. The best thing about the laserglow crane hazard lumination is that these markings do not get faded in time and offer a line projection even in the dimly lit spaces.


Safety is important especially when it comes to overhead cranes. The warehouse cranes can potentially carry large weight which can result in devastating accidents in case of errors. So providing correct indication and visual awareness is essential to prevent these circumstances. While previously sirens and audible warning signs were being widely used, they often failed to deliver due to lack of audibility in heightened noise pollution-which is a common case in most industrial sectors.

● Decreasing the potential human error and hence workplace incidents; this safety is beneficial to pedestrians, the driver and other objects around the crane operation zones.
● Increased visibility even in the dimly lit areas, by providing unmistakable signs when closed to stable and moving objects.
● Increased safety for bystanders especially for suspended/overhead loads with under lift lighting.
● Superiority visual safety signs compared with audible alarms in industrial noise pollution.


Industrial Utility

Virtual Linings and alarms are one of the most essential; safety precautions in dynamic workplaces. With the extensive use of heavy machinery in large sectors, providing correct signs and directions is essential. Our safety projectors for crane hazards are designed to outline walkways and walls in an attempt to increase both safety and workflow efficiency.

With adjustable configuration, you can use these laser lines in a number of reliable ways. They are best used in’

The best things about these crane hazard projectors are that they don’t wear off in time and can decrease hard hat hazard zones to almost zero.

Why to Use Laserglow Visual Management Safety Solutions?

If looking for environmentally efficient visual sights, effective safety measures and an increased productivity with overhead crane light operations in your workplace, SafetyCast Virtual Sign more than delivers. This is especially true for places with high traffic and uneven flooring. By providing impeccable visibility up to 70 meters; you and your personnel no longer will be concerned with crane incidents. Besides safety and operational performance, Here is why you need to integrate visual management safety in your systems;

• Smart Proximity Detection:
SPDS is a relatively new technology, but it has become one of the most commonly used apparatus to warn the operators from the distance of a moving motor vehicle with other objects. They are designed with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) RF wireless technology to warn both the pedestrian and the driver.

• Creating Alignment with Lasers:
In addition to detecting the close-by objects, these led positioning lights help Keeping the crane movements aligned by utilizing alignment indications. The overhead crane warning lights are functional on a variety of surfaces, including textile, lumber, metal sheet on both positioning, or paving.
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Final Words

Laserglow Crane Hazard Illumination and Projections are the best way to ensure the safety of bystanders and your workplace by reducing accidents. Contact our field experts for more information. FSE Safe presents a variety of laser safety equipment including forklift lasers, safety light for walkerssafety lights for trucks, visual warning signs etc. Order now and get discounts on bulk purchases.