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Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)

Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) is a personal electronic transmitter used to alert rescuers that there has been a life threatening man over board (MOB) situation with a need to be rescued.

Taking the Search out of Search and Rescue !

LifeSaving PLBs (Personal Locator Beacon) integrated with other MOB (Man Overboard) protection equipment such as Life Jackets , Immersion Suits, Dan Buoys.

The PLB range has been designed to meet the new international safety standards and uses a combination of 121.5MHz, VHF DSC and AIS GPS technologies in a single, compact, robust unit giving you and your crew the greatest chance of survival in the event of an MOB situation.

Essential for Oil & Gas, Offshore and Marine Industries.

PLB sends out a signal on either a 406MHz frequency or Local Area System using 121.5MHz, VHF DSC and/or AIS.


Traditional 406MHz devices such as EPIRB’s and ELT’s used as a stand-alone solution for platforms such as aircrafts, vessels or platforms.

Now being used on individuals.

Once Activated:

Signal detected by satellite – Sent to Mission Control Centre (MCC) – Decoded and fowarded to nearest Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC). Upon verfication (can take upto 60 minutes) – Dispatch of the closest Search and Rescue forces.

Local Area Systems

PLB’s operating on Local Area Systems use a combination of; 121.5MHz radio direction finding tone, VHF DSC distress alert (Mayday) on channels 70 & 16 and AIS GPS tracking, to alert the nearest vessel and provide updated location & tracking details to within +/- 1m.

Types of PLBs – Including ATEX/IECEx Approved models designed for the Oil and Gas Industry.