Ex Lighting for Hazardous Areas ATEX – Raytec UK Gen II Ex LED Linears

Ex Lighting

Introducing the Gen II series of Raytec Linears: FSESAFE, the authorized distributor in Singapore for Raytec UK LED Explosion-Proof Lighting.

Experience Elevated Performance

The Gen II series offers higher output, combining high performance with low wattage and operational costs.

More Performance

The Gen II Linears come with More Lumens Output and Choice of Optics based on applications. This means lesser units required to cover desired area.

Generation Linears

  • Upgraded lumen package
  • WL168 Standard Ex 4ft Linears – up to 7,000lm
  • WL84 Standard Ex 2ft Linears up to 3,500lm
  • More efficient driver on standard variants
  • Up to 142lm per watt
  • Certifications include: ATEX – IECEx – UKCA
  • 100% Manufactured in UK

Emergency Options Available

Explore a comprehensive selection of Hazardous Area Lighting, encompassing Flood Lights, Linears, Bulk Heads, Bay Lights, and Crane Deck Lighting – all offered in Emergency variants.

Emergency luminaires deliver a standard 25% light output for 3 hours. However, they can also provide up to 100% output for a shorter duration if needed. The duration and intensity of the output are often tailored to individual applications, offering crucial flexibility as a key benefit.

Take advantage of Raytec’s FREE Lighting Design Layout feature for your projects! 

Lighting Image

Real Image

Contact us for your Ex Lighting requirements for Hazardous areas and Explosive 

Atmospheres. Ex Proof ATEX / IECEx for Zone1 and Zone2.

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