FSE SAFE Explosion Proof Bug Blower Fans

Explosion Proof Bug Blower Fans

Explosion-Proof Bug Blower Fans

FSE SAFE provide Efficient Solutions for Cooling and Safeguarding Crew Personnel on Land and Offshore Rigs from Flying Insects and Potentially Hazardous Down-Hole Gases.

Applicable for both Onshore and Offshore Drilling Rigs and Platforms.

Comprehensive Safety Standards Compliance

FSE SAFE takes pride in adhering to and often exceeding industry safety standards. The Explosion Proof Bug Blower Fans undergo rigorous testing to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. This commitment to safety provides businesses and workers alike with peace of mind, knowing that the ventilation solution meets the highest safety standards.

Available in Standard Sizes: 24″, 36″, and 48/50″ Bug Blowers, with the option for custom sizes to meet specific requirements.

Explosion Proof Bug Blower Data

Most Popular for Offshore Drilling Rigs is our FSE_BB50 50″ Ex Proof Bug Blower Fans

BB50 Explosion Proof Bug Blower Fan

  •  HDG steel casing, exd motor 4.6kw, 6p, floor mounted
  •  480/3/60 EExdIIBT4 B3,
  •  Anti static blades,
  •  Both steel epoxy coated guards

Optional Extras

  • Wooden Box Crating for seaworthy export packing
  • Loose Ex DOL Starter
  • PE Lifting Certificate for the lifting lugs weld on top of casing
  • Photo below is of 50” BB.

Bug Blower

Documents provided with supply

  • Certificate of conformity
  • Bug Blower Operation and Maintenance Manual
  • Pacas Test report
  • Motor Test Report
  • Motor ATEX certificate

Estimated: 180 x 150 x 150 cms, 400 KGS EACH

This is after packing in wooden crate packing

Photo below of BB50 50″ Ex Bug Blower Fans packed in Wooden Crating suitable for export.

Explosion Proof Bug Blower Packing

Sample display unit displayed at OSEA 2022 Exhibition in Singapore video below:


Applications Across Diverse Industries

The versatility of FSE SAFE’s Explosion-Proof Bug Blower Fans extends across various industries, including petrochemical, manufacturing, and more. Wherever there’s a need for reliable and safe ventilation in potentially explosive atmospheres, these fans prove to be indispensable.

In summary, FSE SAFE’s Explosion-Proof Bug Blower Fans embody the fusion of innovation and safety in industrial environments. Beyond tackling challenges in hazardous settings, these fans enhance workforce well-being and operational efficiency. Choosing these advanced ventilation solutions isn’t just practical—it’s a commitment to a safer and more productive industrial future.

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