Forklift Safety Lights and Smart Sensor Integration

Forklift Safety

Almost half of accidents involving forklifts occur with pedestrians present.

FSE SAFE Forklift safety Illumination lights offer visual alerts to both pedestrians and vehicles in areas prone to accidents, or where mobile machinery shares space with pedestrians. These lights are designed to decrease or prevent accidents involving pedestrians in workplaces by creating a clearly visible warning zone around moving material handling equipment.

This proves particularly effective in environments with high levels of noise, where audible alarms may not be heard or could cause confusion among pedestrians. Additionally, these products are weatherproof, making them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Forklift Visual Warning Safety Lights Comes in:

  • SPOT
  • LINE
  • ARC
  • STOP

Forklift Signs

The above are all visual light based warning lights and signs to equip forklift.

Audible Alarm Warnings for Forklift Safety

Using sensors there are varied types and combinations of audible alarm warnings for forklift safety that can be used as per requirements.

  • You can have wearables on all pedestrians working on the floor and sensors on all the forklifts. In this case, if any pedestrian wearing the wearable comes in pre-set proximity of forklift, it will trigger alarm to both the forklift (audio alarm) and the wearable audio and vibration alarm informing them of proximity.

Forklift Audible Alarm

  • You can have all forklifts only, equipped with sensors so if any 2 forklifts are in proximity it will trigger audio alarm for both.

2 Forklifts

  • You can equip all forklifts with sensors + audio visual alarm with sensors at high risk areas such as intersections. Not only do you have forklift to forklift proximity sensor but also every time a forklift enters the radius of sensor installed at the intersection it will trigger alarm on forklift and the intersection area alerting anyone of forklift entering the area.

Forklift to Forklift Proximity

  • Install sensors at doors so pedestrian is alerted when crossing that there is a forklift approaching.

Sensor Based Proximity Detection

These above are some of the sensor based proximity detection and alarm alert systems. There are many other combinations and sensor systems can be used for enhancing safety for forklifts and pedestrians.

Contact FSE SAFE to discuss your shopfloor and facility forklift and vehicle traffic and pedestrian safety measures.

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